Before coming into the studio to record, a few things should be considered.

1. All guitar strings should be replaced and the intonation should be checked on all guitars prior to session.

2. Most but not all Modern music these days have sampled drum sounds. I have Drumagog 5.0 (drum replacer) with a nice collection drum samples to get that drum sound your after, Including the steven slate sample library.

3. Your Drum kit, Drum heads should be replaced prior to session. If you do not know how to tune your kit, Iíll help you tune the kit when you arrive. If your kit is in really poor condition I have a kit here to use.

4. Bring a hard drive for all your music files each time you come to a session.

5. Session files? Many bands come in to record basic tracks and take the files to a different studio. I can provide all session files so you can import the files into your DAW of choice.  


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