Arthur Scott Verner, Owner/Engineer. Since 1990, DMS Studio has worked with hundreds of talented musicians and bands in the Northeast.  We're located just 20 minutes south of Albany at the foothills of the Helderbergs in Clarksville, New York.   We offer a wonderful array of new and vintage gear.  For a free consultation and project pricing, please call 518-768-5027 or Email .  Use the address below for internet directions to the studio. 


*Mixing/Mastering/Digital Editing
*Voice Overs
*Remote Stereo/multitrack Recording
*ADAT Transfers
*Studio Consultant and Training  - on-sight evalation, set up and training


DMS Studio c/o
Arthur Scott Verner
2093 Delaware Turnpike/PO BOX 186
Clarksville NY 12041


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